Founding a Start-up – Are you ready to take off?

Founding a company is a big step, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming for the founder. You need a solid foundation that allows you to integrate your ideas. We support you on your way to professional independence and beyond.

The ideal legal form

Lots of room for maneuver? Lowest possible risk? With what financial commitment? The legal structure of the company tells a good deal about you and your business idea. That’s why it should match the company. But which form is the right one? We have the answers.

Sole Proprietorship

The owner-managed company (sole proprietorship) is ideal to start self-employment. While you are still employed, you can start preparations including acquisition of customers and ...

Limited Liability Company

The GmbH (Limited Liability Company) is a frequently chosen legal form in Switzerland. The lower initial capital compared to the AG (Public Limited...

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Public Limited Company

The AG (Public Limited Company) offers a wide range of organizational opportunities, which makes it an interesting legal form not only for...

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The Founding Process

Good preparation is half the battle won! Building a company and putting it on course involves some unexpected surprises. That’s why a well-thought-out plan is needed. We support you and assume the formalities.

Choose the legal structure

Choose the legal structure and fill out the online form

First meeting at the Treuhandzentrum Zürich

First meeting at the Treuhandzentrum Zürich, free of charge

documentation processing

We’ll take care of documentation processing

Signing and certifying

Signing and certifying of documents at the notary’s office

Entry in the Commercial Register

Entry in the Commercial Register

You are in good hands with us.

We are a small core team within Treuhandzentrum Zurich. We consequently pursue our vision: Bundled expertise in fiduciary services such as accounting, legal and tax, as well as specialized fiduciary services for the travel industry. A competence center and a platform for focused 360° services.

Our 360° Services

We offer a wide range of fiduciary services, advice, support and assistance for every economic, financial and tax-related issue, tailored to your needs.

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