Foundation of a Cooperative

The Cooperative focuses mainly on promoting economic self-support, such as in housing or the purchase of houses or apartments.

At least seven members are required for the establishment of a cooperative. Once the cooperative is set up, a smaller number of members may remain in the cooperative and new members can be admitted. The cooperative is not allowed to determine a seed capital in advance. However, the registration in the Commercial Register is mandatory. The founders can freely choose a name but it must include the suffix "Genossenschaft". The rights and duties of the cooperative are defined in the Swiss Code of Obligations (OR) Art. 828 – 926.

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The Founding Process

Good preparation is half the battle won! Building a company and putting it on course involves some unexpected surprises. That’s why a well-thought-out plan is needed. We support you and assume the formalities.

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Signing and certifying

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Entry in the Commercial Register

Entry in the Commercial Register

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